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We'll see if I ever finish this. 
Jubilee by vepanation  

Feeling super bitter. 
  • Listening to: David Bowie - Diamond dog
  • Drinking: rum'n'coke
I decided to remove few of my devs, only those ones that had bugged me for longer. Those devs that make ppl think "why on earth is she here if she can't draw?"

Now my mind is calm, dev is clean and it's a good moment to start drawing more pretty pictures!

'till the moment that the world ends, Veps.
  • Reading: old X-Men comics
Now, My big dA day is coming up, I'm only 100 pageviews away from 1000. A Thousand. Tuhat. Tusen. Bin. Ezer (god I love dictionaries)

I never thought that I could hav anymore than 2 watchers (my beloved and who I forced to do so) and now I have 6!
Well you all have hanged on there for ages already but still. Luv ya <3

ANYWAYS, sense I am the laziest person _ever_ I'm not going to draw anything special to celebrate that big day my dA page turns out 1000 pvs. But instead, as soon as  I get my scanner working again, I'm going to post you a mind-blowing, heart-stopping, incredibly-stunning picture of…

'till that! -  Veps